MCO-DEN-COS…track time.

I am back in Colorado Springs. I know, it took long enough, but I am back. Getting on the track in 2 hours, racing, (maybe), and hanging out with the sprint princes, Maddie Godby, once again. I had fun in Florida. Dad’s wedding was fun, i met my new brother, sister, sister-in-law, nephews…the whole crew was there. And now, its back to riding bikes. I haven’t been on my bike in two weeks, between traveling and being sick…but the time off has been nice.

I flew in from Orlando last night, after flying from MCO->DEN, I arrived a little early, and Maddie and Claire came to pick me up. They drove from the springs to denver, and got me, and we drove back. And of course, it always has to be an interesting adventure, so on the way, we almost ran out of gas and ended up in the hohunk little town of Larkspur CO, which, is pretty much nothing. But, we made it back safely. I’m sure someone enjoyed having a seat all to themselves on the flight from DEN-COS.

So, my allergies are kicking in like you can’t believe, and I’m going to get ready to head to this thing we call a velodrome. there’s some photos down there you can take a look at. It was a good trip. And enjoy the commercial. I thought it was funny.

And Happy 4th of July everyone.


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