Day 3-Criterium

So, today was the day. I did podium, but I didn’t do what I came here to do. But, as an athlete, that is what we strive for, perfection. Our team came to Madison with the drive to win the team overall, to take it all home: we ended up third. I came with the intention of getting top 15 in the road race, I got 17th, and also, to win the criterium, and today, I got 4th. You can’t always have perfect races, sometimes things go unplanned, you can’t get out of situations, you don’t like the course, whatever it is that doesn’t suit you, it happens, and that, my friends, is racing.

I am incredibly happy with myself. I improved beyond anything I accomplished in my past collegiate seasons: 4th in the criterium, 5th in the TTT, 17th in the road race, 1st RMCCC Overall Individual Omnium Champion including Road Race and Criterium Champion….I did it. These national results left me at 8th in the D1 women’s individual omnium, which is a complete change in positioning from where I was last year. It’s incredible to see the improvement one can go through when they are healthy, motivated, and excited. The FLC Cycling staff, my coaches, my family, my teammates….everyone was part of getting me back on my bike and getting me riding fast again.

Congratulations to all the new 2011 Collegiate Road National Champions, including our own Men’s D1 Road Race National Champion, Alister Ratcliff, second place Rotem Ishay, and all the FLC racers who put their hearts out there.


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