35 more minutes of free internet

So, check out time in the hotel is at noon, I turned 21 11 hours and 26 minutes ago, and I’m about to start another adventure, but this time, I AM NOT driving across the country. Have I had a celebratory birthday drink yet? No. Have I done anything exciting yet? No. BUT, did I go to perkins for breakfast, like a good midwestern girl? You better believe it. Turning 21 really isn’t that great. I guess when I turn 25, then I can rent a car, but that’s about the only other “number” to look forward too.

My legs still feel good after this weekend of racing, but my back, ribs, and arms are sore from throwing around that football that travels with us everywhere. This morning was not pleasant to wake up too. I think I fell asleep around midnight, and woke up around 9, and it felt like 2 hours of rest. And of course, the laptop and phone that were once on my bed were crashed out on the floor. Kudos to the macbook and droid for evidently being indestructible to all the damage I have put it through.

So, here is a few more pictures I have either found/been sent/come across via facebook, twitter, and whatever other social media I have found.

So….the results?

17th D1 Women’s RR
4th D1 Women’s Crit
8th D1 Women’s Individual Omnium
5th D1 Women’s TTT
3rd D1 Team Overall

And that’s that for this collegiate season. FLC is the #1 D1 Collegiate Cycling Team. Just like we have been, for awhile.


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