1700 Miles later….

Alright, so, school is over! That’s right, I’m now officially a senior in college! With that, I got out of Durango ASAP. Drove to COS, then boulder, spent the night, and then drove home, to Alexandria, MN. 1300 miles, and I was back in my home town, with the 1400 ft elevation and green grass and water EVERYWHERE. I love my hometown.

I spent a few days there, hanging out with my family, and lucky enough to spend 2 hours with my little brother on his birthday, which was the same night I arrived in Alexandria. Going home, it’s nice to see people who taught you to start riding, riding with my mom, riding with my old coach, riding with our group whom I used to spend hours trying and trying to pummel to the ground.

But eventually, I must leave, and go on another adventure. And now, I added 400 more miles onto the trip and have arrived in Madison, WI for the Collegiate Road National Championships. Tilly is staring at me as I write this post from our hotel room, and now Lauren T, so, with that, my roommates and I are going to get our kits on and go pre-ride the road course.

You can follow the FLC team at our website….cycling.fortlewis.edu, or on USA Cycling…usacycling.org. I’ll be back with more later. I’m sure there are going to be some serious shenanigans going on this weekend, which, I will gladly report on.


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