RMCCC Conference Finals: Check.

Waking up this morning was nice. The sun is shining, but everything is wet. I’m waiting for us to be enveloped in a fog cloud of steam in a few minutes. I can see it happening up on campus as I type. Today I have my first final. I’m pretty lucky it involves using our notes from class, because this weekend became a whirlwind I couldn’t keep up with, and zero studying was done.

I’m up early, which is unusual. I’ve realized today, tomorrow, and Wednesday are my packing days. A teammate is taking over my room for a month or so while I’m off gallivanting around, so I’ve got to start moving. I can’t believe I’m done with my third year of college already, and on Thursday, I’ll be out of Dtown for a few months. That, I am VERY excited for.

So, this weekend. Three words: couldn’t be happier. I pulled off the win in both the crit and the road race, and the TTT of myself, Lauren Taylor, Sarah Sturm, and Lauren Catlin, took the win. We took the conference championship across the board! The Durango Herald did two great write ups about our races. Here are both of the links:

Fort Lewis Makes Appointed Rounds

We Put the Hammer Down

The TTT was our newly arranged team, which included LT, but it was good. I think we have some speed we didn’t use, but we sealed the deal. This year we went out La Posta road, which i, most definitely, got a ride back from. It was so nice to be riding on our home course, but that didn’t make it any easier. I don’t have much to say about it, but that it was a team time trial, we’ve got every sized girl you can imagine, and we are fast. We are getting pumped for nationals!

The crit was, once again, downtown Durango on 4th and 9th. It is my favorite course. It slaughters people. And it proved, once again to do that. Sarah and I got away, lapped the field, and I ended up winning in the final lap. We raced hard and fast, realizing that winning nationals is not going to be an easy feat.

The road race was cold, raining, windy, disgusting. All the above, we had it. Attacks were not sticking. So, we knew it was going to come down to a field sprint. I positioned myself well around the final few turns into town, having some, clearly deranged girls try to take the inside line in corners filled with paint, dirt, water puddles…..they have more guts and love for the pavement than I do. Once we made it onto the final straight, I did my sprint thing, and that was that.

So, short and sweet. But the newspaper articles explain things as well. So check them out! It’s great to have the support of our Durango community to show what we are doing. FLC isn’t all about mtbing anymore. And it’s great for people to see the talent and potential of every single rider that rides for the college.

Here are some photos of racing this weekend:

For full results, check out USA Cycling, and also the RMCCC page.

I am proud to say that Fort Lewis College cycling has won the RMCCC Overall D1 Team Title, and on top of being the RMCCC Crit and Road Race Champion, I am the Overall Women’s Individual Omnium Champion. Our team has done incredibly well this year. I am proud to ride for FLC, and I am very excited to meet up with the team in Madison for collegiate nationals, after a quick trip back home to see my family.

So today, in about an hour and a half, I’m going to endure my first final. Come home, and start the packing process. Ian leaves today for Gila, so it’s going to be a lonely week at the house. Good time to clean it up and get things ready for new people.


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