Mesa State TTT, Crit, and RR

Well, we did it, again…FLC women won the TTT, Crit, and Road Race. Seriously.

The weather ended up being pretty good, seeing the it was forecasted to be quite the horrible weekend. Sunday, we rode in a few flurries and experienced a little more of the cold weather, but despite the cold, we prevailed, again. This makes it, yet another weekend, and we are undefeated, as ladies: fast, beautiful, amazing….yup. We’re pretty good.

The TTT was strange. We got to the race, stood in line as soon as registration opened at 7am, and we stood there, and stood there, for about 25 minutes, but, did they delay start times because they were so slow? No, they didn’t actually. So, we got dressed, got on our rollers, and after about 2o minutes, to the start line we went. Running around like chickens with our heads cut off, from the bathroom, to taking off jackets, putting on helmets, then to the starting line, which I am so thankful our coaches brought me my bike, seeing that I left it at the trailer. Whoops! But, regardless of the fact we were acting like complete collegiate cyclists, we got to the line together, took off together, and we did it. We pulled off a result that put us at 4.5 minutes ahead of the next team! How awesome is that. And of course, the new rule of collegiate cycling is no time trial bikes, which in our favor, is positive. Nothing is worse than an ill-fitting TT bike.

Then we had the crit that afternoon, where, Lauren, Sarah, and myself lapped the field, fresh off of our TTT win. After lapping the field, we sat in, took a few primes, and this time, the three of us, and our other A rider, Kaila Hart, took off for another lap. We got 1/2 lap on the field, came in for the final sprint, where we all took off. I came in with the win, then Sarah, then Lauren, then Kaila. It was picture perfect.

Then the Road race sunday morning. This thing was the race I was worrying about the entire weekend. Hilly, windy….yum? Not. The race was interesting. Coming around the first lap, I needed a jacket. Climbing, I got warm, but descending was rather cold, so, I grabbed a jacket from the coaches in the feed zone, and it took me a good mile or so to get the thing on. Not only was it probably a med/large, but it was a wind jacket, and like parachute. Regardless, im glad I got it. The race was much more enjoyable after that. In that same feed zone, my teammates Lauren and Sarah pedaled their way up the hill rather quickly, getting away from the field, and Kaila, Lauren T and I sat in the field and blocked to get those skinny children up the road. It was great to race with these girls, as they are new A’s coming into the field. Once the other two were out of sight, then we ramped it up, picked up a CU girl who was up the road, and kept going. We did 3 laps, about 58 miles, which was shaped like a lollipop, so we had an 8 mild trek back to the start/finish. By the time we came up the last feed zone, it was a CU girl, USAFA girl, and myself. We kept the pace up, climbing up the mesa, and upon descending down the other side, it was CU and myself. We hammered it home, and in the last final stretch, I out-sprinted her, and took the field win for 3rd.

I couldn’t be more happy for myself. As a freshman, I didn’t even attempt this race, as a sophomore, I didn’t complete one lap, and now, I pulled out an impressive third place, with two teammates taking first and second. I couldn’t be happier for our team!


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