Alright ladies and gentlemen. It’s the day after, it’s sunny, warm, beautiful in Durango, with not a cloud in site, and I couldn’t be happier about it. We got back last night around 10:30 pm from Fort Collins, drove the vans back to the rental place, got our bikes and bags, rollers, coolers, everything else, and then off we went, our separate ways, to our little houses. I pulled in at 11:50, loaded the video to YouTube, and crashed out. Ian’s dog jumped in my bed, wiggling his way under the covers and slept nicely the entire night, besides attempting to push me from my own bed, which, for the little guy, didn’t work out for him.

In my opinion, the weekend was awesome, across the board, in every race. I think everyone did great, tactics were played out well, people learned things, the coaches were very interactive and helped out a ton. Hagan wasn’t there to run the ship as usual, so the two coaches took over, and I must say, did an incredibly well job. Besides the occasional person who runs off with some friends, everyone was present and accounted for. So, here is a little re-cap.

Saturday morning, we woke up, the women’s A’s and B’s, and our single Men’s C rider got in the van around 9:15 am and headed out to the race course, no driving directions were present, so we made a phone call, wrote them down, and off we went. With one U-turn, ending up on a highway we didn’t want to be on, driving next to the race course, finding a U-turn area, flipping it, driving back to the exit, finding the right road, driving behind the men’s field (who is racing), then getting to the race…..success! But it doesn’t stop there. After we warmed up, thinking the start of the race was were registration, the vans were parked, everyone was grouping up, we found out it was down the road! So, riding down the road, our field (of 4 riders) rides by us with the follow car, we flip it, another U-turn! And get into our race. Because of this, we found out after the race, we were all given a 1 min time penalty for missing the start, but we couldn’t really argue with it.

The course was really fun! There was about a mile of dirt section, which was super gravelled over, but still great. I was praying the entire time that I wouldn’t get a flat, given the fact that I had so many last weekend, but I didn’t! Stayed upright and flat free the entire race. Despite loosing my cycling computer half way, which I never found. 😦 Pretty bummed about that one. After the dirt section, the race kicked up to a windy climb through, pretty much a deserted gated residential area. It was pretty, but strange. We popped out of there and took a right onto a downhill side-wind section, before taking another right onto the long home stretch passing the start/finish and then the reg/parking area.

Our team tried to send off a few attacks, getting everything chased down, as the other 4 girls just sat our wheels the entire race. In a way, it’s quite unfortunate, since FLC has half the field, but as CU doesn’t send any A girls for a 2 hour drive, our fields have become very small. Hopefully, we’ll have even more FLC B girls upgrade, only making our team numbers in the field huge compared to the 2 CSU, 1 USAFA, and 1 UNC. But, regardless, our attacks weren’t sticking on this 6 lap course of 48 miles, so, taking the right out of the residential area, I attacked, took the corner, and hit it again. I got a gap, and was away for 3/4 of a lap before a teammate tried to bridge, but the field came along for the ride. Then, my teammate, simply rode off the front. I was sitting on her wheel, and I slowed the pace, and she simply rode away. We yelled up, “GO CAT!” And she took off. A CSU girl tried to bridge up, hitting it hard, but when she looked back, I knew she was done, so i jumped off her wheel, taking it to the yellow line, and then swung back over to the right and got a gap. I hit it hard, got up to Laur Cat, and that was it. My other teammates, Sarah and Kaila were in the field, going with anything that tried to go, and blocking for us, and we got a huge gap. Some said 5 min, I have no idea, i lost my computer. So, we got away. In the race, my teammate decided when we make it to the line, I could have the win. We worked together. Hit it hard where we needed too, and got out of sight, and out of mind. It was perfect. We ended up 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th I believe, but with the time penalty, Sarah and Kaila were knocked down to 5th and 6th.

Then, Sunday, the crit. Well, when I got to the race, it was beautiful! A little windy, but the sun was shining and it was spectacular. Then, the A women began warming up, the clouds were rolling it, a few drops were falling. We line up, the whistle goes….DOWNPOUR. It was cold. It was wet. It sucked. I got dirty, my glasses were keeping my eyes clean, but everything else was absolutely disgusting. Right now, I’m staring at my race bag with all the wet clothes from yesterday in it, much too lazy to get up and throw them in the washing machine. But you know, white LG clothing DOES NOT stay white. Just so you know. BAD IDEA. NEVER AGAIN. So, I need to wash it. ASAP.

I won every prime in this race. There was one crash. A CU girl attacked going into a corner, hit a man-hole/paint/uneven pavement and went down in front of me. With nowhere to go, I ran over her. Her arm to be exact. And was shocked that I stayed upright. All the FLC girls made it through the crash. I waited, got all 4 of us in a row, and we dominated for 2 laps. Some girls were pushed back in, and technically, even though they were a lap down, they still counted in the final results, which is a bit ridiculous, but what are we going to do about it? The race pretty much went around in circles on the CSU oval, again, a fun course. A bit sketchy, but when aren’t crits a little sketchy?

We were freezing. I wasn’t even that cold during a single cross race. Not even at nats, when I was dying of the flu. (which I later found out, racing with the flu can explode your heart…how crazy is that?!). Luckily, we ended at 11:30, sat in a van, stripped out of our wet clothes, and got escorted back to the hotel, since we still have 30 minutes until our check out time. Generally, we don’t have time to go back and shower, but in this case, we were so cold, we demanded for our room keys. I was shaking, I couldn’t stop my jaw from moving, and my lips were in the blue stages. I was in the shower for a good 30 minutes until I started to feel warm. I drank my Mix 1 while I was in there. It was perfect. Wonderful. Felt so good.

So, that was about it. Two wins this weekend. With a little help from my friends :), my teammates that is. We rocked it. All 4 of us. I hope next weekend we can move some more girls up, and get them rolling. I am so excited about all the races. The men and the women, are starting to figure everything out.

With that, we packed up, and started driving home. We got in late, and this morning, woke up and went back to class. The drive was super snowy. Wolf Creek was a bit on the icy side, but I navigated that 15 passenger van with ease down it. Haha.


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