Mines HCTT/DU Crit

Alright trackies out there, I have gone outside the boundaries. I did the Oredigger Classic Hill Climb this weekend, up Look Out mountain. And I actually enjoyed it. We did this climb last year, and it was my favorite one, out of them all, but this year, it is the only HCTT on our RMCCC Calendar, and I am quite excited about it. The climb was absolutely beautiful, of course, I didn’t really take the time to take in the scenery when we were climbing the hill, but I at least enjoyed it on the way down.

Our team was lucky enough to score a hotel that was located within riding distance of the climb, so at 8:30am, the Fort Lewis team rolled out from the hotel en route to registration. Our truck and trailer and van were meeting us there, taking the highway route to get set up for us. On the way to the climb, my rear wheel was awfully squishy the whole way. And then….walllahhh! Flat. In the middle of nowhere, in the back of our team pack, and then, bam, gone. Missy didn’t have a phone, or a flat kit. So the team rode on, and I contemplated riding my carbon clincher all the way to the race, or stopping, and so I stopped. My teammate, Ben Stalker, who is also the owner of the Service Cycle, in Durango, (www.theservicecycle.com), turned around and found me, calling our manager, then getting the van to bring me a wheel. We hung out. Waited, waited, he gave me his phone, rode on. I called, got the number for our women’s coach, Jimmy Kight, found out he was a bit lost, finally found him, got a wheel, rode to the course, registered, got on the rollers, got to the start line, and went up the freaking hill.

What a morning, right? Yeah, it was fun. Seriously. I have never been excited for a hill climb, but I had two goals for the day: 1) improve my time from last year, and 2) get top 5. Well, I did beat my time from last year. After finally getting the results last night, found out I was almost 2 minutes faster than last year, which I am incredibly excited about, and also, I did get top 5. I got 3rd in fact. And I will add this, just for dramatic effect, but there were 5 of us (meaning I could have gotten top 5 regardless).

So, we hung out, had some fun. I got to see some of the COS track crew over dinner, then went back to the hotel and had a meeting, washed some clothes, went to bed, and got up at 5:40am to go to the crit course with the Mens C’s, B’s, and Women’s B’s.

During the women’s A crit, we had 7 girls, that’s right, only 7. How lame…BUT, without further ado, I would like to congratulate my freshman teammate Lauren Catlin on her first RMCCC victory. It took me until my third year to get my first win, and she gets one straight off the bat. This is how it went down.

First Prime- I win.
Lauren Catlin counter-attacks.
Sarah Sturm and I sit, see what happens.
A girl from Cali goes with (she doesn’t count for placing points so, we don’t care)
Laur Cat is gone. We sit.
Primes come, Sturmazoid and I get them.
We go around in circles, closing all attacks, bringing everything back, slowing the field down (at one point, 12 mph).
Catlin crosses the line, first for RMCCC.
Sturm ramps up the pace.
I win the field sprint.

Quite amazing teamwork coming from three little collegiate cyclists who drove 7 hours to get to the race. Lauren Catlin wins the Crit, and Sarah won the hill climb. What a great weekend for the ladies.  Our Women’s B’s are raging it too. I can’t wait for them to move up and join us!

So, it’s back to school for a week, then racing at CSU this weekend in Fort Collins for our first road race, crit, and TTT (I think), of the season. Can’t wait to hit it up with these ladies again. It’s going to be a great weekend, again!


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