Season Victory #1

That’s right, I took home the first collegiate season victory on saturday, with a whole field of 7 or 8 riders. It was great to get back into the swing of racing after a long base season. Saturday was a great race. There were attacks, Flora Duffy (CU) tried to get away off the front, but our FLC train of myself, Sarah, and Lauren pulled her back. Then the FLC ladies did a great job of trying to get off the front, there was a split, and flora, her other CU teammate, Lauren, and I were off in a break. The race went around and around and around, I picked up two primes, then we came up to lap the other group of three rides, and Sarah jumped back in.

In the midst of this, Lauren Sarah and I were working on communicating to set up a lead out for the sprint. It didn’t really go according to plan, but most things don’t the first time. Lauren and Sarah kept the pace at a good speed while I could tell flora was setting up on my wheel. The last 1/2 lap, I led it out on the front, and that is where I stayed. I sprinted, got a real good gap, and took home the win.

Sunday…wow. That wasn’t even a race. 4 girls! 3 from FLC lined up. Lauren, Sarah, and I had raced the first half of the mens B field right before because we predicted this was going to happen. So, we all split the primes. The one CSU girl got one. Lauren and I both got 2, and Sarah got one, and she was going to be led-out for the win. And so that is precisely how it went.

From now on, ladies, in the RMCCC, you need to come race your bicycles. If FLC can drive 9 hours to get to Laramie, and it takes you 2….show up. Period.

Here is the link to velonews about the race:

RMCCC Kicks Off

And here is the only photo I have found of my finish. I even put my hands up, and no one took a picture of it. LAME.


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