The Fancy Goldfish

So, by now, you all know that i have a goldfish, Gus, thats his name. And Gus is a “fancy goldfish”. Fancy, meaning his is big, and has little bubble looking things on top of his “head”. So, let’s do some research, and let’s tell this story.

So, i decide, “Everyone is gone. I need a dog. Well, let’s go with a goldfish.” I’ve already got the tank, filters, food…i just need a fish. Off the the fish store i go. I walk in, walk around, look at all this odd sorts of animals…eels, snakes, crabs, salt water fish, lizards…the whole crew was there. But, i found this lovely little, well, big goldfish. All happy bouncing around, doing his thing. And, i choose him. I named his Gus on the spot. DONE! There was no turning back.

The chick at the store bags him up, rings me up. A whole $30 goldfish. I’m not kidding. No $.50 Walmart fish in durango my friends, these things must come from South America and live forever, at least it better. Now, I’ve got him. He’s on the way home. But i don’t have the tank yet. It’s at my old roommates house, Emma Millar. So, in a big soup cooking pot he goes. Of course, i wasn’t going to cook him, but i needed a place to store him for the time. Then, from there, i took a big storage tub and filled it with water and put him inside that. Added some rocks and coins on the bottom, and there he was, in a little home. Temporarily.

I decided to do some research on this fancy goldfish of mine. Turns out, fancy goldfish are meant for ponds, with 29 gallons of water. They grow, they can be HUGE. I’m talking about, holding them with two hands type of HUGE. They eat vegetables and MEAT. They should be kept at relatively low temperatures, compared to other gold fish.

At that point, i feel horrible. This guy is now in my 5 gallon fish tank, with a little cave i have built for him, no friends, and some sea shells. What am i going to do? I’m definitely not going to build a pond in the backyard, that is out of the question. And, if i get the guy a friend, isn’t that defeating the point of giving him more space?

Poor little guy. But, I’m determined. I’m going to make him a fat, happy, lovely fancy goldfish. He seems to be coming out of his cave a little more than before. Maybe he’ll grow to like his little area.

On another note, my little brother is coming into town tomorrow. I’m very excited. He will give me some tips on the fish of mine. Figure out what we are going to do. You’d think the fish store would have questioned me buying a $30 fancy goldfish for a 5 gallon tank, huh? I guess they are in for the profit, selling off these adorable little creatures.

Oh to be a fish….


One thought on “The Fancy Goldfish

  1. Yes goldfish do grow to be quite big. A 5 gallon tank doesn’t give him much room to grow. Yeah the pet store should have talked to you about this but as most people do is they start off with a small 5-10 gallon aquarium and then later buy a bigger one.

    Who knows maybe you’ll love the little guy so much you’ll buy a bigger tank.

    Good luck with Gus and if you have any questions at all please feel free to stop by my goldfish blog.


    Jamie Boyle
    The Goldfish Guy

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