Hello Spring Break

I’m sitting here,
during spring break,
at my house,
with no one in it,
but my new goldfish,
whose name is Gus.
I made some coffee,
put some agave and milk in it,
and am drinking its warmth,
watching it snow.
Quinoa, chicken, and veggies are on the stove,
I’m in post-ride mode of getting all the food i can muster.
John Mayer is currently playing,
And Gus has retreated back to his cave.
I have a feeling he is shy.
Or is maybe suffering from altitude.
The poor guy doesn’t swim much.
Maybe he needs a friend.
Charlie, Malte, and Dylan come today.
At least I’ll have company,
Seeing my roomies ditched me.
For Florida.
I don’t have school for a whole week.
I don’t have a clue what I’m going to do.
Ride my bike? Yes.
Play monopoly  with Gus? Probably.
I currently have a free box,
If you are in need of anything.
Also, items on Ebay,
If you feel like donating $0.99.
it’s lunch time.
The snow is still falling.
And I’m still alone.
With Gus and the birds in the tree.
If you feel so inclined,
Come visit me.
I’ll even make you food.
And bake you cookies.


But isn’t it great, that the simplest things can make you happy?


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