Home Base

I am proud to announce that the sickness is leaving the team!  Since we are all getting healthy again, the team rides have a few more lives added to them each day, and we are getting faster and faster every week.

Saturday’s ride, the women’s and men’s teams mixed it up together for the first hour, headed out La Posta, before we split up for the remainder of the ride. It was great mixing it up with the guys and getting some tempo into the rides. We have a month before the first RMCCC race in Boulder, CO, and we, at least the ladies, are mentally done with the long base rides, and getting ready for some racing action.

Mid-way through my cleaning process, going on an hour...

Along with it being an awesome 4 hour ride, we were greeted with rain, snow, hail, thunder, lightning, and about 30 seconds of sunshine. My bike was incredibly dirty, squealing like a bird, and grinding with dirt, like they are best friends. Went for a ride on Sunday, and my brake cables were not operating correctly. So, Monday (the day of rest), was the bike washing party. I spent an hour or two on that thing, and in the process, destroyed a few too many dish clothes. Now, the little Amira is operating well, except i still haven’t got the squealing to stop….might take another wash, i know it could use one.

This week is my last week of base, so it’s time to go all out. I’m riding as much as I can, when I can, which includes rides like this morning…at 8am, when it’s 19 degrees and my bottles are going to freeze, in which, they do. But that’s what we do as athletes, we pursue the elements to get in the training. Yesterday was 4 hour on the bike, today, only a little over 2, but also plyos, some yoga/stretching, and the FLC Meet and Greet tonight at Ska Brewing. Our supporters and members of the college and community are going to be there to meet our entire team, which is quite large, and also, to eat some delicious Zia Taqueria from a local burrito joint. It’s going to be a great little meeting and time for the whole community to see what the FLC Cycling Team is really about.

Well, my room is a disaster. My bike is dirty again, and our stupid fire alarm keeps chirping at us, for no apparent reason. I also have two research papers to write by monday, on Altitude Non-Responders, and Gluten and Performance, so, it appears that i should be spending a little more time on my school work. But, what can i say? I came to Fort Lewis to ride my bike, and that’s what I’m doing.

Until next time everyone. It’s yoga time.

“Do what you love, and love what you do. ”



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