Attention: Durango is a contamination zone.

So, not only am i sick, but it appears that my entire team is sick this week. Most of them are on their rest week, but unfortunately, i am not. After a great run for 4 solid weeks of training, it’s hard for me to sit still and let myself get healthy. So, today, i broke down, and rode the rollers for an hour, super easy, made myself sweat it out. See if i could get some nervous energy out of my body, get some riding down, and maybe, scare off this cold a bit.

It’s given me some time to get some homework done though! It’s seems that next week is going to the “the week” of exams, projects, and not to mention, I’m moving! That’s right, off campus i go, into a house downtown. I got things worked out with the school, got a place to live, and the awesome thing is, it’s going to be there when i come back from COS this summer for the fall 2011 school year. There’s not much better than chillin in a house with some friends and fellow cyclists. Ian Burnett is one of the awesome kids ill be living with. Him and his girl, Allie Johnson. Check out Ian’s blog at He’s off at training camp with the Real Cyclist Pro Cycling Team Camp in GA.

So, for a while now, Allie and I have been living with Ian’s parents, in their basement, while Ian has been off in Cali training, so Allie and I moved Allie and Ian out of their old house, into some storage units, and myself out of my dorm, into my car/Allie’s van/a storage unit/friends house. Then, Ian so gracefully came back from California, once all the manual labor was complete, and then, a week before we are scheduled to move into the new house, he leaves for a month and a half, so Allie and I can move into the new house by ourselves. What a nice guy, huh?

But, it’s going to be really nice. To be able to cook, clean my bike, sleep in, not be on campus, not have to climb back up to campus every single ride. I’m really looking forward to it. Word on the street is that my new bedroom has baby animals painted on the walls. I’m not a fan. So, it’s going to be painted. Maybe about…17 years ago, that would have been cool. Wow, that just made myself sound rather old. (In my mind).

So, for now, the objective is to get healthy. Eat well, sleep well. The tylenol PM liquid cold medicine is the greatest magic in the world when it comes to this. I’ll be glad when i get back to a usual schedule. When i can get my “ducks in a row”, get healthy, and get on the bike.

The riding will continue. Durango at the moment is one sick little town, but the FLC Cycling Team will recover. The weekend group rides have been unbelievably amazing, and hopefully everyone will be healthy enough to come!


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