Training, Riding, Laughing, Crying

Well, this past week has definitely been one of various emotions and feelings, life realizations and new beginnings, so to speak. In the midst of contemplating a relocation of myself, the world lost a few amazing cyclists and people, and I got my last venofer infusion for a little while.

This was my second week of base last week, and it went really well. I’m riding good. Feeling really good. And really loving it. The third venofer went way rockier than anyone wanted, but seeing that my veins have a mind of their own, it was the third stick that did it. Just jammed it in there and stabbed it. Killed it, and got some blood flowing. My left AND right arm hurt now just thinking about it. But, the “black magic” went in smoothly, and I was off to class. Being the third one, I was first told, (After the first one) by the nurse, “the only people I have given more than one to are cancer patients, for obvious reasons”. And there I was, lying there for round #3.
Since then, riding has been awesome. I’ve found a love for the bike I haven’t felt in a really long time. I can’t remember the last time I have felt like this. It’s been way to long, and now, I never want to go back.

We had a great group ride this past weekend with the Fort Lewis College Women’s Cycling Team. I’m very excited that we have a lot of new girls on the team this year. Not only new freshman, but girls who are just coming in and starting to race road bikes! There will be no more…3 girl FLC team showing up at nationals. It’s going to be a full 8 person crew! Which has never been done before so that is going to be great. Our new coach, Jimmy Kight, is awesome. I love hanging out in the coaches office just listening to him and the men’s coach, Chris McGovern, so at it and what not. They are crazy, cool, smart, awesome. It’s going to be a good season.

This past week was a whirlwind. So many things going on, memories churned up, ideas flowing through heads. It’s great to be reminded that even when you go out and have a bad day on the bike, you are still out there. You are still riding your bike, striving for a greater being. Having the desire to get better, and having the ability to do so. So many times, we get caught up in the little things. Things that are so much smaller than we believe. But when something big happens, it stops you dead in your tracks…..Life is too short to not tell the people you love, that you love them. Or not to take that extra 30 seconds and make someone’s day.

So go pick up a hitch-hiker and drive them downtown when it’s freezing outside and they are late for work.

(I’m being serious).


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