Two Down, One To Go…

Well today was slightly traumatizing. I cried. Yes, i cried. BUT! Round #2 is done! And Round #3 is on the map for next Thursday. Today, well, let’s just say that my veins run away when needles become present, making it a little harder for nurses to find them, meaning, more needle pricks. It doesn’t matter how much water i drink, they just don’t like it.

My first week of school is also done. I really like my classes, i really like my schedule. This is going to be a great semester.

I went out skiing for a little while this afternoon, after some weight training this morning. I love skiing. The venofer, i guess, made me a little sluggish, little upset stomach and what not, but, skiing is like magic. It’s beautiful. I love my new boots! Thank you to the Bike and Fitness Company ( for helping me out with them. (If anyone knows how and why my feet went from 40 to 37, please feel free to let me know).

But, now, I’m hungry, once again, maybe another side effect  from the venofer? All i know is that i hate needles, I’ll never like them, and I do everything i can to avoid them. There’s a reason why my veins “run-away” when i needle comes around.

This weekend will be filled with riding and skiing, most likely, and lots of sleeping. Waxing skis, cleaning my room, doing some homework. Watching movies, doing some thinking, and maybe ill change a lightbulb. Who knows, whatever happens, happens. Whether it snows, rains, or is sunshine, I’ll figure something to do.


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