Because School Doesn’t Start ’til 12:30

So, now that I am back in training, I’ve been planning out my season and what not. Since I’ll be living in COS this summer, again, which i am very excited about, I’ll be on the track as much as I can. I love that little bowl. AND I’m riding with the Rocky Mounts/Izze team out of Boulder. I’ve got an amazing team of people behind me, training partners, the whole works. I’m switching things up. And I’m going to be selfish, which, my friends, is much harder than you think it is.

School is going well so far. I start class at 12:30 or 12:45 each day, which gives me the morning to train, do whatever I need to do. Or, maybe, just sleep in, which is a complete change from the other 2.5 years of school I have done. I’m taking Nutrition Fitness and Sport, Kinesiology and Biomechanics, and Exercise Testing and Prescription. I like a majority of my professors (I figure 2/3 are good odds).

Hopefully, I’ll be getting the next 2 rounds of Venofer really soon. That will give me a good piece of mind while I’m training. I’m not quite sure how long I was, as I like to say, “dying”, but I’ve found  new-found-hope in all this, and I’m ready to see what I can do. Racing for the RMCCC ( Collegiate Road Season starts March 19th, so we have some time to get things rolling, get base in there, get some training, and from there on out, it’s go time with the FLC Cycling team until May 6-8th, for Collegiate Road Nationals in Madison, Wisconsin.

But, I was being crafty the other night, and discovered ways to find pictures, get them, and use them. My parents have never seen a match sprint in their lives, none-the-less, ever seen me to a match sprint. I found a bunch of photos from Collegiate Track Nationals last year, and found a little play-by-play of the semi-final ride I won last year. It was a very exciting moment for me. And I’m so excited to come back next September and do EVER BETTER. With that, I hope my parents and, or course, you as well, find time to log on, and watch this beautiful, (which actually is cooler in real life) play-by-play of one of the match sprints.

Hope you have a great day! It’s actually warm enough to head out for a ride today. So, I’m going outside! I’ve got another hour before class starts. I’ve already lifted, returned some books, cashed a check, and discovered that I’ve got quite a bill to pay at the college, so…with that..I leave you…

Snapple Fact of the Day:
#66 Americans, on average, eat 18 acres of pizza a day.

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One thought on “Because School Doesn’t Start ’til 12:30

  1. Good luck with training!

    Although I am far from an athlete, I’ve been trying to make a schedule where I can workout either before or in between classes but I have yet to succeed at that- so I guess I’ve been sticking to whatever else I can do.


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