New Mission…

Operation: Get Missy Healthy is in full effect.

I am sad to say that i am not at the U23 Sprint Camp in Carson this week, but my health comes first at this point. I’ve been bugging the lab a few times this week, and hopefully, soon, they will once return my call so i can get some blood work done.

I head back to Colorado on Thursday, and I’ll be waiting for that appointment date. In the mean time, all my fellow sprint lovers at camp, ride fast, I wish i was there to join you.

For now, my therapy: Waxing skis. Call me if you need it done. I’m all over it.


3 thoughts on “New Mission…

  1. Your health is what is most important. Not telling you anything you don’t know. Get well soon my dear. You are the fastest and the sweetest.

    1. Rob,
      Thanks for reading! This has been quite the adventure, and it’s been a life changing experience. It’s a sport you have to grow into, and I’ve definitely been growing into it this last year. A lot of things are changing, I’ve been presented with some amazing opportunities. I couldn’t have asked for greater coaches, supporters, mentors…and of course, people like you! I’m excited for this season. Getting healthy, and really cracking down. So, it’s up to me now!
      Thanks again for reading! I hope i can continue to inspire and entertain you for years to come!

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