Glædelig Jul

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This is the season that people start writing their “season of review” letters. You get them in the mail this time of year, explaining the achievement and successes, births, deaths, and whatever you can imagine that happens in peoples lives. I love photography, and thus, these photos help explain the successes in my life. The things i am celebrating this year.

But regardless of those photos, there is nothing that can replace the fact that i am now home, safely, with my family. This is the season when you realize who the people behind you really are, the ones who support you, and love you, and i have the most supportive family I could ask for. I’ve been home for 6 hours, and I’ve already been in contact with people who want to meet up, toast to a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and to just keep living healthy and full of love.

I’ve been very blessed to have the opportunities that i have had this past year. I have a lot to celebrate. I am so thankful for my family. I am so thankful for my coaches, who believe in me to the fullest extent. I am so thankful for the Tom Danielson Cycling Scholarship. I am thankful for my friends, who have always been there for me. For the friends that have never wavered. I am thankful for the knowledge that i gain each and everyday. I am blessed with a great ability to ride a bike. I learned over dinner tonight that i didn’t ride a bike without training wheels until i as 6 years old. I learned how to do it the same day my little brother did, and he was 3. And now, its the most basic activity i do everyday. I am blessed with the most basic abilities too. Like the ability to see, speak, walk, burp, belch, yell, talk, eat, and eat well at that. I am blessed to own my car. I am blessed to be able to go to school and learn. I am blessed to live in a great place, and have it provided for me. I am blessed that i am able to spend this Christmas with my family, before, another blessing, of heading off to a USA Cycling U23 Sprint Camp.

This Holiday season is filled with snow, skiing, snowmobiling, seeing old friends, rekindling old friendships, and having the first christmas season where i have a split family. I’m got presents to wrap, gifts to create, food to make, and love to embrace. This year i have completed the first half of my junior year, and i have 1.5 years left. I have finished my coaching minor, and i have about 34 credits left to finish my Exercise Science major, concentration in Exercise Specialist. I raced in my first Elite Track Nationals this past year. It was an incredible experience. I will be going back next year, and see what comes about it. Collegiate Track Nationals was great this past year. I focused a lot on sprint events this summer, and i took home quite a few medals, 6 in fact. It was a great week, and next year will be my last collegiate season, and i am hoping to come home with an individual national championship.

I am very blessed. I couldn’t be more excited to be here, at home, in alexandria minnesota. I’m ready to get into my ski boots, and get out in the snow. So with this, i wish you a very Merry Christmas, or if you also have Norwegian Roots, Glædelig Jul!

I’ll be sure to share my adventures here in Minnesota with you all very soon! But i wanted to take this time to share my love for the holiday season, and what i am excited about from this past year.

If there is anything i am wishing for this holiday season, it is for everyone to vote for the Dryside Velodrome Project in the Pepsi Refresh Project, so we can get the $50,000.00 grant. So please vote and help so many peoples dreams come true!

Glædelig Jul!


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