Operation Christmas Break: Engaged

Well, i am done with my finals.

Yesterday i arrived in Durango at 2pm, after flying from Redmond to SF, spending the night there, getting on a flight from SF to Denver at 5am, and then Denver to Durango at noon. I got out of the back of Dave Hagen’s van and went straight to my first final. It took me two hours, and then i slept. Ate some dinner, and i slept. Woke up this morning. Took another final, and here i am, waiting to check out of my dorm room and go back to the Denver airport tomorrow morning and head home for christmas.

So, with that, PDX Cross took some wonderful pictures from cross nats. Ignore my extreme look of disgust. I was doing everything i could to look normal instead of how awful i actually felt. I can say that i can now eat and hold food, i just have the most incredible sore throat.

The website is pdxcross.com and he wrote a wonderful little paragraph about the FLC team and some photos to go along with the story line. So, tomorrow I’m heading home, and i am very excited to mix it up with some old friends, and see my family again. It will be great to be somewhere to ski, seeing that Durango has NO snow right now, which is incredibly disappointing to me. There is more snow flying on my blog than there is in Colorado.


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