5 hours in the Redmond Airport..

Well, now that we are stuck in the Redmond Airport for the next 5 hours, this should be just great. Our flights are delayed, and finals are being studied for. I had to chug a whole water bottle full of water before security, and the combination of having the stomach flu and that..well it’s not sitting to well right now. So, i do have some photos i have found, that are pretty interesting. 

So, we are going to sit here for a while. If you’ve got my number, feel free to keep me entertained. I’ll be studying for phys and admin class for the next 5 hours. Then, it looks like we’ll be spending the night in San Francisco. If you’ve got any recommendations on places to visit/eat/see, I’ve never been, so let me know. It might be a day of christmas shopping for the family in that “special” part of the United States.


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