Race Day-Bad Day-Last Day on the CX Bike..Day.

Well, we raced this morning. And I’m currently sitting in bed right now, curled up in a ball, and taking a break from some final exam studying, to write this lovely little blog regarding today’s rather unfortunate race. In a short glimpse, I had a bad start. I got caught up behind some girls who collided, had to clip out, sort of did some splits, got it back together, and took off again, got around the water “pools”, through the mud swamps, and the quick-sand-mud-infested-grass sections…and we did 4 laps. And i felt absolutely horrible. I have never, ever, ever, in my life, been in that much pain, and it wasn’t a good pain. It was..incredible. My body is torn up, literally, from the inside out. I finished 7th in the women’s D1 race. I’m disappointed. I wanted to race in the best of my ability, and having whatever it is i have, did not allow me to do that. I’m proud of the fact that i finished, regardless, that i was able to score for my team, and that the FLC team raced their hearts out today.

I only have one photo to share, and it’s by Greg Thomas, the photographer who travels with us. This is from practice yesterday. I’ll post some more photos when they are up. But now, I’m going to get back to studying. Hope you all have a much better day than i am having!

So, come back later, and I’ll have more photos…hopefully.

Photo by Greg Thomas

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