Well I’m home! I was planning to fly out of Durango Monday morning, but Sunday afternoon, I didn’t see the point in waiting, so I didn’t. Off the the airport I went.

On the flight from Durango to Denver, i sat next to this guy who had the worst fear of flying i have ever witnessed. Yes, it was a rather rough flight. The airplane people were bouncing all over the place, trying to keep the drinks on the plates, but in the end, they just gave up. And yes, when we finally landed, over half the plan clapped with joy that we had landed safely, and in one piece. Those little durango prop-planes don’t seem like they can stand up to much, but evidently they can.

Then DEN to MSP, and i was home. Back to the frigid, cold, snowy, iced-over, minnesota. Breathe in the abundant form of oxygen, cause in a few days, it’ll be gone again.

I went for a ride yesterday. Yeah, haha. I tried to ride i should say. I ended up

going about 1/2 mile in 6 minutes.

Crashed down to the ice about 5 times, including once, in the middle of the brothers high school entry, waiting for my dad to come pick me up.

I believe it took me longer to get dressed than my ride actually lasted. The amount of clothing that needs to be put on to ride in single digit temperatures is beyond a normal persons capability, if you’ve never experienced a minnesota winter.

Currently 14 degrees F, with a high wind warning in effect, gusts up to 40mph, and 84% humidity. Tomorrow, 70% chance of snow, gusts up to 45 mph increasing to 55 mph in the afternoon, and a high of 22 degrees F.

That is the weather forecast for today and tomorrow, and I’m about to go ride in it. Agh. So windy, cold, snowy. I’ve been eating a ton! And freezing.

I asked my mom before we got here….so…do i need to bring my boots? Her response, “There isn’t any snow”. And now that i am here, it’s snowing every. single. day.

So, I’m waiting for mom to get out of school, and sitting here, with my cycling clothing and bike next to me, dreading this adventure outside in the frigid cold weather. Maybe by the time i get out, the sun might decide to show itself once.

I’ve been riding around with my dad in his tow truck. He owns a towing company here in Alexandria, and in the winter, he sees some funny things. I’m always amazed as to how he gets so many interestingly stuck cars out of the ditch, or off into lakes, or where ever people manage to put them. While riding with him yesterday, there was a UPS truck that slipped backwards down a driveway, straight into a wooded ditch with a nice little drop off beneath. And my dad turned that thing around like it was a toy truck, and off we went. The poor UPS driver.

The roads are so icy! The very first step i took out of my dad’s truck yesterday, i landed straight on my back. Of course, i was in my cycling shoes, so that didn’t help matters, and unfortunately, i didn’t have my helmet on at that point, because that would have stopped my head from crashing onto the ice.

So many adventures! So little time!
I’m looking forward to seeing my grandmother and cousins in the next few days, when i have thanksgiving with my dad’s family. I persuaded them all the come into town while i am in Minnesota, versus coming on the weekend. And if my grandmother doesn’t make apple pie, i will be devastated, so that is something i will go to no end in making sure to happen.

So, I see that we are finally above 20 degrees. And I’m hungry again.

Welcome back to the Midwest.


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