Good things.

Last saturday, was the Dryside Velodrome Work Party out in Hesperus Colorado, where we are building it. This was the first attempt at getting people to come out, and it was nice to see people who care about the velodrome. Some people came to work, while others came dressed up in their kits and stood around pointlessly and then left. But for those that actually did work, thank you, a million times.

I am really excited about the project. Last night i submitted it to the Pepsi Refresh Project, and….da da da…it was accepted! This month it will be under review, and on December 1st, it will be up for a $50,000 grant! This grant will help us so much in the construction, development of programs, surfacing, grass, you name it, we will be able to do it. Right now it is so slow moving, but with this grant, we will be flying in no time!

I’ll keep you updated on the latest with the velodrome as soon as i know what is going on with the Pepsi Refresh Project. (it gives away 1.3 million every month!!)

But, now i am onto cyclocross. With having a severe anemic state, i have been taking quite a few days off, but i also raced this past sunday, and i did a lot better than i expected. At the FLC spookycross here on campus, i came in 5th for the women’s open race! It only makes me wonder what i can do when i get healthy again! I’ve been chowing down the red meat, spinach, you name it, and taking hemaplex daily. And I read that coffee also inhibits iron uptake, so i cut that (almost) out of my diet. Who knows if that is true or not, but hey, it couldn’t hurt.

Ooooo and now, halloween! What was i…..LADY GAGA!

Lady Gaga and the Zombie Prom Queen
Halloween Costume Shopping with Allie Johnson

Allie Johnson and I both ventured into the world of Lady Gaga this halloween, and why wouldn’t we?! She’s outstanding. Amazing. Daring. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Incredible voice. Spectacular personality. Just like my girl Allie šŸ™‚ It was a fun night! Hanging with some friends, having pizza and way to many laughs. But then it was an early night to bed, seeing that i had an 8am class, that i actually went too, and more than half my class obviously had too good of a night, seeing that they either didn’t come, fell asleep in class, or still had evidence of their night plastered on their faces.

I hope you are all well. I’m going to get some beauty rest! Stay warm!


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