Not all days are good. But that makes the other one spectacular.

Alright. Well. I haven’t been riding all that much.

I’ve been struggling with a few things this week, all pointing us in one direction-anemia. Extreme anemia actually. White gums, blue legs, extreme fatigue, incredibly high heart rate during exercise…and the list goes on and on. I was detached from myself, and it wasn’t feeling good.

So I got a blood test, had a lab analysis it, and now i have begun the journey back to a regular state of mind.

Cyclocross races start this weekend, and I’m sad i won’t be part of it. Getting on my bike last week was not fun. I felt horrible. It reminded me of………i can’t even tell you. I hate to be all depressing and everything, but it’s times like these that make all the rest of the days good. I know there is only one direction from here, and that is up. Getting my levels back where they belong, through various things like IV’s, hemaplex, and amazing red meat, and getting back on my bike when I’m ready.

Right now I’m not in a rush. After pulling off a podium finish last year at collegiate cx nationals, there is no doubt that i want to go back. Right now I’m going to do everything possible to get back to where i should be so i can start training again, and feel like i have a purpose.

It’s been a rough few last weeks. But like i said earlier, it only goes up from here.

At least the snow is starting to come.

October 24, 2010

So, keeping my dreams in focus, objective #1: Get healthy, #2: Get back on the cx bike, get to practice, and get ready for cx nationals.

Thanks for the support of my family and my coaches, for constantly keeping me moving forward. I wouldn’t be where i am without them, and i hope i can get back on the bike and achieve some more dreams we’ve created.


3 thoughts on “Not all days are good. But that makes the other one spectacular.

    1. Coming from the very person who got me on a bike as a junior, and helped me find my way through college 🙂 Thanks for everything, Jorge! See you this summer!

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