Velodreams: The Birth of the Dryside Velodrome

So, i hope you all have visited the link i have above…for the dryside velodrome. This is a dream that a select few people have had for Durango, and now Rick Crawford, Cody Stephenson, Ian Burnett, and myself are making it happen. And now, it’s becoming a reality to everyone else. The Durango Telegraph has written an article about the Dryside Velodrome Project.

Here is the link to the article that was written:

I am very excited about this project. Not only is it going to allow me to train for my discipline in Durango, one of my favorite places, but it is also going to allow me to do what i love, which is youth development.

So please visit the website for the project, by clicking on the link i have above, and reading the article i have posted on this entry.

The snow is coming soon. And we’ve got to get this finished.

The first snow in the mtns happened this morning! 10.21.2010

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