Collegiate Track Nationals

500m Podium


Italian Pursuit
Points Race


Match Sprint Podium

What a complete switch of style.
Last year…2nd place in the points race. This year, i got lapped in the points, came back the next day, and was the 1st 200m qualifier, and got 2nd in the match sprints.
Outstanding. Complete change, switch around.

As I sit here in the Indianapolis airport, i can’t begin to explain the week I’ve had. It’s been so much fun. The Fort Lewis Team that we brought to nationals was outstanding. Such a great group dynamic, and this year, we had our coach Matt Shriver join us, for his first track nationals ever.

The crew consisted of: Coaches Matt Shriver and Ian Burnett, Dana Alia, Cody Stephenson, Griffin Easter, Andrew Llewellyn, Brian Morra, Ryan Cleveland, Allie Johnson, Sarah Sturm, Lauren Taylor, and myself. We also had David Llewellyn there, driving the Uhaul truck around with our bikes, bags, rollers, and everything you can name. We couldn’t have done it without him.

The first day, we had the 3k, 4k, 500m, and 1k. This year, i placed 4th in the 500m with a time of 39.3, which is a whole 1.6 seconds faster than my time last year, which gave me 7th place.

We placed 5th in the Italian Pursuit this year, but we also had to do it twice because of a mechanical on the first lap of our first race.

Our girls team pursuit finished 3rd place.

And the most important race of all was the match sprint, where i placed 2nd. It was awesome. My first real match sprint experience, and i am extremely happy with that result. I qualified first for the 200m with a time of 13.06 which was .3 seconds faster than the next qualifier. And as the rounds went, i won the first and second round. Then we had an evening break, which then resulted in the semis and finals, which were both a possibility of 3 rides.

In my semi, i was matched against Stephanie Torres. She won the first ride, and i won the next two, sending my onto the finals. Then in the final round, i was paired against Jennifer Purcell, resulting in her winning the first two rounds. But it was a great ride, against a really fast and accomplished rider.

I finished up 4th in the individual omnium, which consisted of my 4th place 500m, absolutely horrible points race, and 2nd place match sprint.

So, now, my parents keep asking me, where are you now? What are you doing? Where are you heading? What exactly are you going to do about school? haha. Well, to answer those questions…I am in Indianapolis, i am heading to LA for elite nationals, and I’m going to work my butt off when i get back to Durango, just so i can start riding that cx bike 🙂

Italian Pursuit Team


Match Sprint Final


Individual Omnium Final
Not a bad nationals 🙂
(500m, team pursuit, italian pursuit, individual omnium, team omnium, and match sprint)


FLC Girls Pursuit Team

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