Way to much stuff i have nothing to do with

So, this post is all about getting rid of stuff i do NOT need.
I have everything listed on facebook…here’s a link if you are a friend of mine.


And if not, check out geartrade and see if there’s is anything you need that is posted.
Here’s a quick list:

Nike Altea Li Carbon Road Shoe Size 39

Shimano DuraAce Shoe-Size 38
Salomon Skate 9 Pilot Boot
Timbuk 2 Messenger Bag

Giant Gateway Comp Carbon Bottle Cage
Mavic Avenir Road Pedals and Cleats
Mavic Race Road Pedals and Cleats
Bontrager Race Lite Wheelset

There will be more later on as well, once i get everything moved in and everything.

So, I am back in Durango, going to classes, getting ready for a tough semester. Classes are going to be interesting, but seeing that it’s my third year, i think i’ve figured out how to balance everything. I’m ready to take the dive and become a track sprinter, so it starts now, and my eyes are on Rio 2016.
So, help me out, and buy something. Or if there is anything you need, let me know. Cause i probably have something you would want. I just haven’t unburied it yet 🙂


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