New Year, New Season, New Objective.

School started last September and it went off with a bang. Collegiate Track Nationals took place later this year, in comparison to the previous, which gave our team more time to prepare.

This was my second track nationals. After coming off a summer of just working instead of racing, i was ready to find something i loved again.
5th Individual Omnium
2nd Women’s D1 Points Race
3rd Women’s D1 Team Pursuit
3rd D1 Team Overall
7th Women’s D1 500m

But the Collegiate season did not stop there. I decided to embark on my first cyclocross season. I got the cross bike, and immediately became a new relationship with the ground. Learning the trade of cyclocross took a while, but with a lot of practice i finally got it.
The photos above are from cyclocross Nationals. It was here where i got my first National Championship jersey. It was a great feeling to pull that jersey over my head.
5th place D1 Women’s Cyclocross
1st place D1 Team Overall

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